A successful 2014-15 year !!

Post date: Apr 28, 2015 11:27:16 PM

2014-15 was a great year and our 3 teams built 36 houses in the communities in and around Las Lajas. We hired a few locals to built the remaining 4 houses that we couldn't fit into our team schedule.

They appreciated the opportunity to help their community and learn a new skill. It is great for us too, to know that should we not be able to complete all the houses during one of our trips, they can finish them for us.

We are now starting our preparations for the upcoming year.

If you are interested in joining a trip, please contact Pam Wulff and let her know the time of year you would like to go.

Trips tend to be November/December/January/February. Exact dates will be determined by the team members and their leader.

If you have a specific team you would like to join, please let her know that too.

Costs for the trip remain the same as last year: $2200 per person and $1500 for students or secondary household members (for example if a husband and wife wish to travel, the cost is $2200 + $1500)