"Mere words cannot begin to describe the people that I met or the experiences I had in El Salvador. I don't have a single bad word to say about any of it. Never in my life would I have expected to meet such great people as the ones on the Canadian team. Selfless but didn’t need or want the pat on the back they deserved. Big hearts. Kind and caring. All of them. Matt was an unbelievable team leader. And the locals as well were all amazing people. Melvin, Adilson, Carlos, Rafael, the people that fed us, the list could go on. Wonderful people, so appreciative and helpful. I truly regret that I do not know more people in the world like the ones I met - from both Homes For Home and the local Salvadorans - during the eight short days in El Salvador. I really feel as though I couldn’t have picked a better group to travel with. I really mean it. Thank you all."

- Rob Riopel - January 2016

"A specials thanks to all the people involved in the organization Homes for Hope - El Salvador...from the volunteers at home and in El Salvador to the people who went down to build houses. We are all helping families improve their every day living conditions. A very successful year !!"

- Joe Aarts - February 2014

"Another successful trip with a wonderful group of people."

- Ken De Corte - January 2013

"There is nothing more fulfilling than to see the emotional and happy faces when families receive their new house key....the home that we helped build!! Installing a solar light when they can't afford electricity...thus giving them light in their home! So many families come together hoping to receive shoes, clothing, school supplies and toiletries of which we have so plenty here at home."

- Joe Aarts - January 2013

"It was enjoyable working on the finishing crew and even more so when the kids wanted to help. There may have been a language barrier but there was still small ways to communicate with them. That was a real treat. When I came home, I did not realize the emotions that I would have for the people there. I now understand what my one daughter felt when she told me after last years trip, ʺMom, I was not ready to come home.ʺ I hope my youngest daughter and I have a chance to go back again next year."

- Linda Hulshof - February 2013

"This experience was the most rewarding activity I have ever been priveledged to experience! The rewards out number the cost and I will never be able to erase from my mind the faces of those for whom we built and the appreciation they expressed."

- Bev Bessette - February 2013

"I have been fortunate to have done a fair amount of world travel so I have seen lots of poverty and people in need. My trip with Homes for Hope was the first time that I have been able to do something to directly help some of these people. It was very satisfying. I hope to go on future trips."

- John Smits - November 2012

"It was an experience that I will not forget. It's a great reminder of how fortunate us Canadians really are. Homes for Hope is a very well organized /run organization that all involved should be proud of."

- Andy Timmermans - November 2012

"I thoroughly enjoyed my trip with Homes For Hope. It was an amazing experience to see the difference we made right before our eyes. Besides building the houses, I really enjoyed giving out the clothes, shoes, blankets, school supplies and toys that we brought along. The best part was meeting the people, especially the children. The gratitude that they expressed to us was humbling. What's really amazing is that Homes For Hope does all of this with no government or agency help. It is 100% grass roots fundraising with 0% administrative costs. Every cent is for the people of El Salvador. Thanks for the opportunity to go on this trip, help others in need, and learn a new perspective on life."

- Karen Vanos - November 2012